Founded by Mike Henderson, Henderson Hockey Training understands the needs of hockey associations, coaches and players providing services including Team Instruction/Practices, Private and Small Group Training, Camps as well as Mentoring Programs for associations and Individual players. Henderson Hockey Training is dedicated to enhancing player skill levels and confidence on the ice, through exciting and effective teaching methods. Henderson Hockey Training has the ability to get the most from each player; in order for the player to reach their goals, both individually and as a team.

Henderson Hockey Training brings the experience, attitude and ability to teach the players the skills that will benefit them in all game situations. Teaching methods include exciting and effective drills to get players to respond and gain confidence on the ice. Through the experience of the Instructors, Henderson Hockey Training offers a different outlook, attention to detail and understanding of what a player needs to succeed and grow within the team. Henderson Hockey Training teaches the ‘little things’ to help create a ‘complete’ player.

Henderson Hockey Training is a Family operated company dedicated to serving Hockey Families in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We create custom program for individuals, groups and teams and pride ourselves in delivering high quality hockey instruction for all ages.

Founder and Director, Mike Henderson , began his hockey experience at age 5 and through his dedication and hard work, brought his career to the Professional Level. Throughout all these years came not only hockey skills and experience but the creation of a true love for the game.

After a career-ending injury in 2007, Mike never thought his love for the game would be the same, until he discovered how meaningful hockey instruction could be and the joy it brought to him. It is in the ‘’little things” that Mike helps to create “complete” players. He strives to connect with players at all levels as he too, was once going through the same experiences.

Mike brings not only his years of hockey experience, but his resilience, humour and intensity to the ice with him at every practice. His qualified team of hand-picked Instructors are personally directed to deliver the same level of skill and enthusiasm to every practice.

Henderson Hockey Training is committed to helping the player maximize the ice, maximize the enjoyment and maximize the skills – every time!

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Program Testimonials

It has been 3 years since we first met Coach Mike. Our son was a beginner at the time and through Mike’s minirinx program, he was able to advance fairly quickly. He then went on to attend Henderson camps religiously, which was a key part in him playing at a tier 1 level in the NYHL. Luca has a special bond with Mike.  It is hard to explain that chemistry, but Mike knows how to get the best out of him on and off the ice. We highly recommend Coach Mike.

Henderson Hockey has been part of the MOHA program for the past three years, taking on the lead instructor role for the age group.  We wanted all the coaches to teach the same skills to the players and not just focus on what they felt was important- Mike lays out a comprehensive plan each week outlining what needs to be done each week and then spends time on ice with our volunteer coaches and the players running through the drills. Mike and his team are extremely professional and courteous and their method of instruction resonates very well with our players and coaches.

I was introduced to Mike Henderson by one of my association coaches in 2008. I had heard good things about Mike and how he worked well with the players thru his excellent communication skills.

I talked extensively with Mike about creating a association system that we could teach not only the players but the coaches as well. He developed a practice routine for our Novice player’s right thru to our Peewee players that all could understand and execute at their individual levels.

Throughout the season I had spoken to many parents and coaches who had the opportunity to see first hand the effectiveness of Mike and the number one comment was about how well the players responded to Mike’s teaching skills and how the players all had fun in doing so

Just wanted to update you on the girls development. After they left your camp over the holiday season we have really noticed that there skill and confidence level has greatly improved! We wanted to acknowledge a great job you provided to both our children. It has made a tremendous difference in the way they have developed.

Kristy enjoys spending the time in Mike’s camps to which Joanne and I are so appreciative of the time Mike spends with Kristy.  She will transition from the boys rep league to the girls rep league next season…any time she spends in the camps is a huge benefit to her learning skills.

Mike provided our team with relevant fast paced drills within our practices last season. The players enjoy Mike’s style and his teaching technique’s, which are intended to be high tempo and pertinent to their immediate and ongoing requirements.
I would recommend Henderson Hockey Training to anyone who wants to increase their player’s skill level and take their game to a more advanced level.

“We enrolled both our 8 year old and 10 year old in Henderson Hockey and were thoroughly impressed with what they have both learnt over the summer. Mike Henderson designed a program that was specific to our child’s needs and abilities with emphasis on hard work, discipline but most importantly having fun.

I would thoroughly recommend Henderson Hockey to any Parent, Team or Association that is looking to improve their child or team’s ability and calibre to move them up to the next level.”